Why Workout With GI Jaynie?


Safe and effective exercises.


Workouts designed to reach specific goals and produce results.


Why not have fun?!

Why workout with GI Jaynie?

FORM: Safe and Effective Exercises
PURPOSE: Workouts designed to reach specific goals and produce results
FUN: Why not have FUN!

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 I started working with Jaynie the beginning of April. After an initial evaluation, we set some personal goals for me to complete in an appropriate amount of time. I initially thought my workouts would consist of our “one on one” sessions, and maybe I would try a TRX class every now and then. What I received from Jaynie was so much more than just personal training sessions. As a nurse, the best care we can give our patients, is an Individualized Care Plan. That is what Jaynie was able to do for me as my personal trainer. 

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 I copied down Jaynie’s goals for me on one of our very first evaluations. My “notes” were dated 4/1/14. I was going to be able to swim a mile, complete 20 push-ups in a minute and hold a plank for one minute, by the end of the summer. I am very happy to report, I was able to swim upwards of 1800 to 2000 yards by mid May, I am able to complete the push- ups and hold a plank for one minute! My own personal goals were to have more energy during the day, sleep better at night, feel healthy again and lose some weight. I have successfully accomplished all of those goals for myself and lost 15 pounds since the beginning of April.  

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