I started working with Jaynie at the beginning of April. After an initial evaluation, we set some personal goals for me to complete in an appropriate amount of time. I initially thought my workouts would consist of our “one on one” sessions, and maybe I would try a TRX class every now and then. What I received from Jaynie was so much more than just personal training sessions. As a nurse, the best care we can give our patients is an Individualized Care Plan. That is what Jaynie was able to do for me as my personal trainer. 

  Jaynie is possibly the best trainer in the entire area; the way she trains everyone with individual needs and goals is phenomenal. I could never have kept up the work I do without her encouraging me as well as instructing and correcting and making up new routines all the time. Each class is an adventure and has a purpose. If you don't try Jaynie for your own personal fitness, you are missing something special. 

  Jaynie Falduto has been the most complete trainer I have ever had. Her ability to tailor both challenging and interesting workouts has been a Godsend to me as at age 70, I do have a few limitations. Within my own limitations, the results I am getting from the workouts is amazing. I would recommend Jaynie to those at any level of fitness as she herself is an exceptional athlete.  

 Jaynie’s extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients make her a terrific trainer. After having a knee replacement, Jaynie quickly brought me to a point that I could actually compete in a Triathlon just 4 months post operation! I have never felt stronger or healthier. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits (comfort zone) to get results. She is the perfect combination of tough (killing me) and support (“you got it…doing so well”). If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Jaynie will lead you every step of the way.

 14% body fat loss in 3 months? Really? Yes! At 64 years old? Impossible. No! Not if Jaynie is your trainer. Jaynie is an empathetic veteran personal trainer. I chose her because she is a very knowledgeable professional. First, she assessed my current level of fitness, (which was very low). She met me right where I was and together we began a step by step program which has led me to a much higher level of fitness and health. Jaynie knew exactly what exercises I needed to master first to prepare me for those to come later. There is always a good balance of cardio, strength, and flexibility. I stayed with Jaynie because she is also an empathetic trainer. I love that she challenges me, (far more than I ever challenged myself), but always at a level where she knows I will succeed. I have surprised myself more than once but not Jaynie. She always tells me, “I knew you could do it!”. Jaynie expects you to do your part, too, She gives “homework”, which I love for a couple of reasons. The “homework” makes me very accountable and that is something I need. By doing the “homework” I have also learned how to work out effectively. Jaynie tailors the workouts to each individual so I am working on what’s best for me. Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness experience and just need to start moving or you are an experienced athlete, I highly recommend Jaynie! She will take you on a journey to better health and fitness. I know because she did it for me. 

 After two years of weight training and NOT taking supplements or medication, I have begun to reverse the bone loss. I now have Osteopenia NOT Osteoporosis and my numbers are better in my hips, neck, and back. Thank you for making me stronger from the inside out. You have changed the trajectory of my long-term health and ability to be active when I am older.  

 I started with Jaynie last summer in outdoor boot camp and could barely lift 7lb dumbbells over my head, I have been working with Jaynie for about a year and can lift a 40lb barbell 20 times, 28 push-ups and 18 pull-ups! My strength, fitness level, and physique have improved tremendously!! I have fellow gym members complimenting me and asking what I'm doing! I tell them GI Jaynie 

 I've been an athlete for over 25 years (up to D-1 college level) and Jaynie is the best trainer that I have ever had. Her commitment to her clients is unparalleled. At 35 years old I am the strongest that I've ever been and owe that in great part to GI Jaynie. Thank you Jaynie